aasim (1)


Nominated by Akkara Foundation, Bekal

All 2023 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Aasim is a 17-year-old child with disability from Kerala, India. He believes that no child with disability should be deprived of any opportunities – in education, sports or otherwise. He consistently undertakes advocacy and outreach activities for the benefit of the children in his community and for children with disabilities. His interventions have had a significant impact on the lives of children with disabilities. 

Aasim’s efforts have led to the upgradation of his Lower Primary School to Upper Primary School. Prior to the upgrade, the school only offered classes up to the fourth grade, which severely limited the education opportunities available to the students in the surrounding community. However, after the upgrade, the school now offers classes up to the seventh grade, which has opened up new doors for the students and their hill range communities. He is currently fighting to upgrade his school to a high school (secondary school) through a Supreme Court case. 

Through his efforts, Aasim has not only motivated and inspired children but also raised awareness about the need for inclusion and equality.