Picture – Aayat Irfan


Nominated by Irfan Qureshi

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Aayat advocates that saving the environment and working towards a peace-loving and equality-based planet between all creatures is necessary because it benefits not only the humans but also other living creatures. Her motivation derives from various sources like her past successful works, her parents and her role models. Aayat is the first Mozambican blogger on Voices of Youth.  In June 2021, Aayat won a poetry competition held by the Irish Embassy and in February 2022, she won a poster competition on the ‘World Pangolin Day’ held by ANAC (National Administration of Conservation Areas, Mozambique). The basic idea and plan of Aayat is to be able to represent her country globally through the work that she does and that she gets to help the natural environment in the best way she can. She aspires to be a  professional writer and being able to produce works that reflect her ideas, thoughts and experiences.