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Nominated by DIF Tamaulipas System

All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Abdiel is part of the Diffuser Children’s Network. Abdiel has set up various projects. Firstly, the PINTA DE MURALES, where the rights of the child are displayed on murals, painted by himself, on the school’s walls. Secondly, organizing and curating a garden in the backyard of the school, in order for children to learn the importance of caring for the land, to maintain a healthy environment and to have a healthy diet. Lastly, he set up the project “Knowing Our City”, where it was made possible for some children, who do not have the economic resources, to go to places of artistic and historic interest. Abdiel participated as rapporteur in the Virtual Forum held by the National DIF System “All Against Gender Violence” and explained the content and implementation of article 18 of the CRC in the Virtual Talk ”Knowing My Rights” for the 31st Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.