Picture – Abiha Ashar


Nominated by World Youth Parliament for Water, Blue Peace Working group 

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Abiha belongs to a middle-class family. Nevertheless, due to the covid outbreak, her father lost his job and the family had to move constantly from one place to another. As a result, Abiha has at heart to tackle one of the most pressing issues, namely poverty, but also climate change, discrimination and so on. She has written an article on the condition of poor children at the time of pandemic. She also wrote a few articles against injustice and bullying. In addition, she devoted her time teaching to a poor girl living on the railway line and helped a lady who was teaching poor children. Moreover, she participated in the youth parliament at school, and is now part of the World Youth Parliament for Water to tackle water issues in India. For the environment, she also took part in multiple tree planting campaigns. In the future, she wants to get a degree related to the environment in order to gain new knowledge to put into practice for the good of the planet.