Picture – Addison Lentzner


Nominated by Uniting for Children and Youth

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Addison has always felt sensitive to injustices and has been drawn to activism from a very young age. The death of Thierry Huega, a homeless man who froze under a bridge in her hometown, led to Addison advocating for homeless people. Addison is the founder of the End Homelessness Vermont Coalition. As a result of her advocacy and encouraging 80 youth to sign a letter to end homelessness, the Governor of Vermont extended a program which gave homeless people motel rooms to stay in throughout the winter. Addison also founded the Vermont Student Anti-Racism Network, a student group dedicated to building anti-racist schools. Together, they have donated 125 anti-racist picture books to classrooms in Vermont. She continues to inspire people through her work to combat racism and homelessness.