Adhi Daiv


Nominated by KK Mannan and Associates

All 2023 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Adhi is a 16-year-old boy from India. At the age of 13, he crowd-funded and used the resources at his disposal to source water-wheels for rural Rajasthani women and children who’d spend countless hours walking miles in the heat to fetch water for their families. Moving towards a more permanent fix to the situation, he founded ‘Urvara – Greening Mother Earth’, a social enterprise that works to green the deserted wastelands of Rajasthan using “one-liter water technique”. He has converted 15 acres of desert into green land by using onelitre water technique which impacted more than 30,000 villagers and more than 5,000 school children directlyHe has also saved 990,000 liters of water through the unique plantation on the desert.