Nominated by Community for Children’s Rights  

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Witnessing denial of children’s rights, child marriage and child abuse in the lake zone of Tanzania, Aidath felt the responsibility and had the courage to speak up for her and her peers’ rights. Because of her involvement, she was elected as Deputy Chairperson of National Junior Council, a formal body for children’s representation in Tanzania. Her participation in children networks, such as Junior Council of United Republic of Tanzania and Young Reporters’ Network, has helped her challenge norms and beliefs that affect children, such as early marriage, and raise awareness in her community regarding children’s rights and the benefits of respecting them. Within the Young Reporters’ Network she prepares radio programs and documentaries every weekend, having children’s rights as a main theme. These reach millions of listeners and viewers in the country through local radios, television and social media. There are now fewer cases of violence against children than before and the rate of child marriages has decreased.