Angelica picture


Nominated By Endy Ituma Anya

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Angelica was born as an exceptional child who physically, academically and otherwise grew up very fast. She enrolled to senior secondary school at the age of 12, where the average age is 16 years old. At age 9, she won a Spoken word competition that earned her the title ‘Exceptional Angelica’, a tittle that spurred her to win numerous awards and accolades. Angelica has found SPOKEN WORD as an effective means of reaching her audience who always looks forward to her spoken word advocacy programs. She sensitizes her audience on several issues including peace advocacy and campaigns for the implementation of Child rights acts. In the future, Angelica wants to have a career in teaching and public speaking because she believes that the reason why Nigeria and other African countries are poor is not because of lack of resources, but due to low GMO (gross mental output)