picture Anna Bessem 2.0


Nominated By Global Justice Journal

All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Due to ongoing violence and instability in her country and being displaced herself, Anna knows what it is like to be denied access to formal education, to be persecuted, and to live in constant fear for her life and her innocence. Among others, Anna took part in the Commonwealth of Nations program in peacebuilding and countering violent extremism with other youth leaders, she gave an award-winning presentation on poor knowledge delivery in Cameroon, she joined the Global Justice Journal’s Cameroon Peace Project and currently also coordinates a technical working group on Peacebuilding, Gender Equality, Sexual/Reproductive Health Rights and Welfare of Girls in collaboration with the Sub-Delegate of Youth Affairs Limbe 1. Anna also took part in several peacebuilding programs with groups such as MIVEG, CEYOFE, Denis Miki Foundation, Women for a Change, and BAWAC Cameroon. As a Peer Educator with the Delegation of Youth and Civic Education, Limbe, Anna has shared the knowledge gained through these workshops with her peers in various communities.