Picture – Ariel Eyram Pasteur Vito


Nominated By: Folake Diane Edea

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

For Ariel, all the children have the right to voice their mind, show their talents and engage their communities on issues related to children’s rights. Ariel uses his platform as a motivational storyteller and one of the youngest stand-up comedians and human rights activists in West Africa to raise awareness for children’s rights issues. He has invited to several events as a guest speaker to raise awareness on children’s right to education and to campaign against malaria in Africa. Ariel’s image was used in the “Kids Against Malaria” campaign which was organised by the UNICEF Ambassador and this campaign reached millions of people in Benin. More recently, Ariel was invited by the Ministry of Higher Education to talk about his fight against sexual harassment. He also participation in a TV show to raise awareness about stopping sexual harassment in schools; 3000 people were involved in the launch of the show.