Picture – Asechan Chib


Nominated by Swatanter Thakur

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Asechan uses visual arts, drama, music and theatre to channel creative energies amongst children and youth to ensure they move in a constructive direction. Asechan has started a social welfare initiative called Raunak. The aim of the organistion is to benefit of underprivileged children of Jammu with the purpose of imparting positive direction to their lives by sharing celebrating joys with them through a personalized connection and fun-filled activities. For the implementation of ‘Raunak’ Asechan collaborated with experts from different fields to conduct a variety of sessions for disadvantaged children with the aim at strengthening their social and emotional competencies. Asechan has also implemented social workshops, life skills programmes and value-based story telling sessions are held to inspire children to learn about the world around them and to adopt positive values and attitudes.