Picture – Attoumani Kouroichia


Nominated by MWANA NA SOME

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Attoumani witnessed child abuse. Strongly believing in the power of education, she decided to fight for children’s rights through education. Through her various activities, she raises awareness for children’s rights. For instance, she participated in a video campaign against child abuse. Moreover, after participating in a training in hygiene organized by IMARA Comores, she then shared her knowledge with children and helped them to become healthier. In a similar vein, she also participated in a video campaign against Covid-19 by giving tips on how to protect ourselves. In addition, she is the keystone of the activity called ‘l’enfant et la lecture’ [The child and reading], in which she teaches children how to read. In the future, she would like to involve technology when teaching kids how to read and getting material that can ease her activities. She is also planning to move beyond her village to raise awareness about children’s rights and teach more children. She is planning to have a house for vulnerable children.