Picture – Awsaf Rahman


Nominated by H M Jamaluddin 

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Most of Awsaf’s friends rather play video games or surf the internet instead of playing other kind of games. Because of this, Awsaf is fighting against internet addiction disorder. He is constantly trying to turn his family, friends and people of his society away from this, and get his friends back on the field. As a result of his effort, he can take anyone inside to play football, cricket, etc. on the field. These days, everyone is playing on the field in the afternoon because of Awsaf. He keeps everyone fit and healthy through sports. With his achievement, he also helps children and adolescents to not run surf on the internet for long periods of time and suffer from depression due to misuse.  Now, he dreams of eradicating internet addiction disorder on the international level.