Picture – Bana Alabed


Nominated by Fresh Start Media

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Bana was motivated to become a children’s and human rights activist as a response to the personal experience of living through a siege, war and all the deprivation that comes with those circumstances.   Bana wrote a book called ‘Dear World’, which tells her story, it has been translated into more than ten languages. This book is a raw and incredible account of one young person’s journey through a strange, cruel and often terrifying world. Through publishing ‘Dear World’, Bana hoped to spark empathy in the heart of her readers. Her book has been incorporated into many educational curricula around the world to ensure that all children have the right to peace and education. Bana, didn’t stop there, she  has participated in global forums, namely the Women Political Leaders Global Forum taking place in Iceland. Furthermore, She spoke about the right children on the stage in Malaysia at the Maher Zain concert. Bana aspires to live in a world free of conflict. She wishes to draw attention to  the direct impact on children in conflict areas and refugee camps, and try to provide all the necessary support for them to overcome this or deal in the hope of peace.