Picture – Brianni Walker


Nominated by Yolanda Marshall

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Brianni had a very difficult upbringing, having been exposed to violence. After learning that a 8-year-old hung himself inside his closet due to bullying, she decided to act. This trigger, in combination with her own background, motivated her to become an upstander. She uses her anti-bully songs to educate her peers about the topic and to express that bullying falls under the guideline of civil rights. Her anti-bully songs such as “Step Back No Bullies” and “We Must Rise Up, Stop Bullying” have a global reach. In addition, she created 40 episodes on the 2nd highest YouTube content worldwide “Dhar Mann” Motivational Series that generated over 1 billion views and raised over 30 million dollars views on all social media platforms. She wants to use her platform to change the federal law when it comes to bullying. She wants to present the Congress a petition to held bullies accountable for their actions.