Comfort Ijaola and Victor Aromose

Comfort and Victor

Nominated by TedPrime Hub Nigeria  

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Comfort and Victor have had experiences which motivated their activism to tackle sexual menace in Nigeria. Comfort has narrowly escaped multiple sexual violence attempts, which led her to create a movement which supports and offers resources to other children who are battling similar situations or have been victims of sexual violence. Victor’s motivation comes from his love for web development. He uses his skills to make a digital platform which provides solutions to problems his peers might face. Additionally, they are both working hard on advancing the legal framework that helps victims. They have set up a website through which victims can access different resources and chatrooms. They have also created a platform for counsellors, lawyers and mentors, on which they can discuss every case and decide how to help the victims. Their work has significantly increased the amount of sexual violence reports and the resources have become much more accessible.