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Nominated By Gere Hub Ltd

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Dahunsi started the movement known as #ProvidingBasicVocationalEducation, which was renamed to Teens World Empowerment. Dahunsi established a platform to pull support for and empower teenagers from low income families. His organization, Teens World Empowerment (TWE), is a youth-led social impact project aimed at addressing lack of quality education and unemployment with youth from diverse backgrounds and without access to resources. So far his organization has empowered over 2,028 people through empowerment series (programs), seminars, social media etc. TWE currently works in 4 different countries and on 2 different continents (Kenya, Canada, USA, Nigeria). Each country has its own ambassador and they play strong roles in their communities and schools where they raise awareness on the need for vocational education globally. The beneficiaries are either in university, working or starting up companies. So far TWE has been featured in The Guardian, Africa Sustainability Matters, Etiketa and other local stations and blogs. They have also been invited to TV and radio stations like BBC, Teen Expressions, Alba TV and others. In the future, Dahunsi wants to create sustainable structures in different countries to ensure that every child has access to quality education