Picture – Daksh Chopra


Nominated by Venkateshwar international school

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Daksh wants to normalise mental health, as he also had suffered from mental health. He started an organization named ‘Euonia’ to tackle, raise awareness, and help youth all over the word when it comes to mental health. He receives funds from top companies and individuals for the mission. This allows him to advocate and fight for children’s mental health and policies, which he discusses with politicians. He also invites them to his podcast, where they discuss about creating policies for children’s mental health. He also started a website for children with mental health issues where he helps them connect with experts. Moreover, he has done more than 15 training sessions raising awareness about mental health. Also, he has written research papers on psychology and AI, and created an AI model to help and support children with mental health issues. With his work, it is estimated that he has reached out and created impact on more than 50,000 people (more than 49,000 digitally and 1,000 impacted through offline channels). Currently, he continues his work. He is writing a book to motivate and inspire children, and he wants to expand his organisation by designing a curriculum and help children in other countries.