Daniella picture


Nominated By Babalola Bisola

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Daniella is a 12 years old Nigerian kid artist. She is the CEO  and founder of ‘Daniella Art Studio’. In her studio she voluntarily teaches kids different types of Artworks focusing mainly on converting trash to art for a cleaner environment. She uses household materials such as toothpicks and matches to make designs. She had her first sole art exhibition at the age of 10 where she sold all her art. Daniella is the  first 10-year-old to organize a tooth pick collage art exhibition in the world. She was awarded the ‘Creative Personality of the Year’ by The Nigerian  Child Award. She was recently recognised by the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Program for 2019 for successfully leading a campaign to combat marine debris in her community. She was also endorsed as TNCI Global Goal Ambassador by Nigeria Child Initiative. She recently hosted a Free Art Class project call for over 100 children and youth in her personal studio. The project empowered young people to see art as a form of wealth creation.