Nominated by Instituto Técnico Guaimaral Full Name: Eduardo Esteban Pérez León

All 2023 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Diana is a strong activists for disabled students. Colombia passed Decree 1421 which expresses in terms of disabled people an end to promote their development, learning and participation, in conditions of equity with other students. When Diana became aware of this  she took action with the purpose of supporting the disabled population in the region. She has been a leader in favoring students with hearing, visual, cognitive, motor and physical disabilities, in such a way that there is a greater participation of disabled children in society. Diana is the creator and promoter of the YouTube channel “Talents that Transform Lives”, with which she motivates students to show their talents in areas such as music, dance and the interpretation of musical instruments. In this sense, Diana‘s promotional video was shared with 300 educational institutions in the region.