Picture Dipanshu


Nominated by Government of India

All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Dipanshu is fighting cybercrimes, he has designed an application ‘The Cyber Agents’ which is a social platform for cyber enthusiasts, it got 2000 downloads within the first month of launch. He is leading an academic project representing Cyber Peace Foundation with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE India), to implement cybersecurity education in schools and make students aware about the digital radicalization. This project is impacting 20 million students of India, studying in 22000 schools all across the nation.  Dipanshu is working on a project called ‘Cyber Cops’ which invite all technical students, cybercrime lawyers, cybersecurity professionals to join the platform and help eradicating cybercrime. He became India’s Youngest Cybersecurity Author at the age of 14, by writing a book titled ‘The Hacking Dimension’.