Picture – Disha Aadiya Ajit


Nominated by Young Readers Project

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

It was very early on that Disha realised that even basic rights of children like access to education resources were not equally distributed. Disha started with reading initiatives in local communities primarily for underprivileged children who did not have access to age-appropriate reading materials. She conducted multiple book drives to collect books so that age-appropriate books from well to do families can reach the children who do not have access to them. As she saw success, she started striving to set up libraries in government schools so that the children can benefit from a structured reading program and resources. The library has over 1000 books collected from over 20 communities in multiple languages like English, Hindi and Kannada. Disha also started the Young Readers Project to create a sustainable movement to promote literacy skill development for the underprivileged.