Nominated by State of Youth Manila

All 2023 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Elia, motivated by the lack of resources and support for youth in her province, is dedicated to providing attention and assistance to young people based on their physical, emotional, and mental needs. She strives to prevent others from experiencing the bullying she faced during elementary school and has established PROTAG PH (Professional Talent Guild of the Philippines).

Elia has achieved recognition as a Chapter Leader by State of Youth and KidsRights, and she serves as the Youth Council Leader of Professional Talent Guild of the Philippines (PROTAG PH). Through workshops and online motivational talks, she has impacted over 150 youths, helping them excel academically and non-academically. Elia‘s “Chat-A-Friend” program on social media offers advice and guidance to young people facing struggles, while her “Pre-Loved for a Cause” project has changed lives through fundraising efforts. Elia‘s message to the world is that every initiative, regardless of size, can make a difference in improving communities.