Emmanuel picture

Emmanuel Cosmas

Nominated By Elizabeth Pius

Emmanuel is a young Tanzanian innovator. Emmanuel is the founder of Charity Africa Tanzania Club, a platform where children can stand up for each other, volunteer in orphanages and exercise their talents. He is Arusha Region Junior Council Assistant Chairperson and also part of the National Action Of Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children in his ward. He won the Chairman Special Award after presenting his project titled ‘Heart Dissection’ at School of St Jude Science Fair. He developed a project titled ‘Sensory Mat Security System’, presented at The School of St Jude Science Fair, and qualified to be presented at Nelson Mandela Institute of Science and Technology Innovation Challenge. He launched the ELIM PROGRAM, that aims on educating children on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation (STEMi) and giving lessons to children on subjects that they did not understand in schools.