Nominated by private person: María del Carmen Cossio García  

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Estephanya is a 15-year-old Mexican high school student. Alongside her academic endeavours, she is studying and practicing soprano, with a focus on opera. She has won several national and international awards in opera. Her main motivation to fight for the rights of children was to overcome the bullying she suffered as a child and see in herself the great result of being able to overcome it and, in turn, support others by adopting music in their life. She saw that many children in her home town of Oaxaca, Mexico, do not have access to arts and decided to form a program called “One More Friend” which aims to motivate children and young people to adopt ‘one more friend’ in their lives, which can be any form of fine art. She has reached more than 1000 children and teenagers directly. She also works with children with disabilities, helping to integrate them into active musical and artistic life, elevating their spirit and giving them an opportunity to learn.