picture Fardeen Blaq



All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Fardeen set up a football team (Fardeen FC Trailblazers) when he was 9 years old, to tackle major challenges within the education sector including enrolment to schools, school dropouts, early teenage parenthood etc. The rules in order to be part of the team include: enrollment in a school, attending school regularly, participating in the football team training sessions and tournaments, and being a responsible child. School attendance is 100% among the children within the football team. Fardeen organises various activities (such as bake sales) to raise funds for the coaches to train on grounds or to be able to buy training equipment or cover emergencies on various occasions. The Fardeen FC Trailblazers team has been set up in one region alone, but Fardeen wants to spread the program throughout the world. He is currently setting up a similar team in Uganda. Fardeen received the Diana Award in June 2020, as the youngest recipient in Africa.