Nominated by Teens For BD

All 2023 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Fatin Sadab Lian, a 16-year-old from Bangladesh, is passionately dedicated to raising awareness about children’s mental health. During covid times in 2021, Fatin saw his loved ones suffer through depression due to financial struggles during the pandemic, and started a blog site to share these mental health struggles. After hearing about the suicide of a neighbor and a school senior, he founded ‘Teens for BD,’ an organization committed to creating a positive youth society by conducting workshops, campaigns, surveys, and distributing leaflets on mental health and adolescence issues. His inspiration to make a difference didn’t stop there.

When he learned about his school junior, who had to buy blood for treatment every week due to financial instability, Fatin embarked on the mission to help. He developed the BloodBag app, a revolutionary platform connecting donors with recipients efficiently. In just two months, it received over 160 requests and that all requests were automatically send to different blood organisations connected by Fatin’s BloodBag. In total, BloodBag reached 17,503 beneficiaries, demonstrating the remarkable impact of Fatin’s work.