Federico, Gabriela, Samuel, Tomás

Nominated by Fundación Educativa Gimnasio Los Caobos

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Frederico, Gabriela, Samuel and Tomás prevent young people and children of Colombia to put aside their plans and personal projections by taking up weapons in war time. Indeed, Colombia is being affected by internal war which continuously and systematically violates children’s rights. Concretely, the group of children implemented the “Wabísame 2021” initiative. It seeks to close the gap between high and low-income children, to guarantee their fundamental rights (such as education) and to propose alternatives for social and economic growth in the future, enabling all children to stand on their own two feet without being caught up in war. In other words, because country’s children and youth are vulnerable to be recruited and used in armed conflict, Frederico, Gabriela, Samuel and Tomás mitigate their risks with their initiative.  They propose the creation and commercialisation of various products (T-shirts, pins, hoodies, separators, and boxes with QR codes) to help children from two rural schools in order to give them access to education and a better future perspective for them and their families. With funds raised, they were also able to donate 2 all-in-one computers and 2 43’’ HD television to schools. After the implementation of the “Wabísame 2021” initiative, the group contacted the mayors and governors as well as the FAO. They are now supporting the initiative.