Picture Fernanda González Viramontes


Nominated by CLADEM

All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

When Fernanda was 7 years old, she was kidnapped, after her rescue she decided to face the world out and work to stop the violence against girls and women. In her first book (she wrote three: “Blue or Pink?” “Attention, I am connected” and “Walking together towards Equality”) she points out the importance to live in equality. Fernanda provides forums and virtual and physical conferences for all age groups and actively participating in spaces where this issue can be presented, through these forums and conferences she also seeks the government’s support. She also has her own association Fernanda Violetas, recognized as an assistance institution of private social welfare. Many training has been provided along with her team to spread the message to more girls and women. Fernanda has been invited for talks in various cuontries and has won multiple awards.