Nominated by Allison Brown

All 2023 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

In an interview with Editor in Chief of the magazine Humans For Earth, Fiona was described as follows: “… Fiona, a young spirited advocate for nature and peace who continues to inspire everybody with her work at the Youth Constituency for the UN Framework on Climate Change” In her community Fiona is a youth leader and communicator constantly advocating for environmental sustainability, peace, and justice. She hopes to be a beckon of inspiration for other youth, and that her activism will empower others to want to make a difference. Fiona has been appointed as a Youth Delegate for YOUNGA 2022. In addition, she has also  been selected as an accredited Delegate for the UN 2023 Water conference at UN Headquarters in March 2023 to represent the Youth Constituency of UN Climate Change. In addition to her work with the UN, Fiona has co-authored the Peace and Justice Working Group statement for a communiqué. Her most recent article was published in January 2023 and is titled “Beautiful Necessity: Connecting Biodiversity, Social Justice, Mental Health and the Arts”