Nominated By Paul Rodriguez Vivas

All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Georgina became active when she was bullied and mistreated as a child. She was 9-year-old when she became a child legislator of the 9th Parliament of the Girls and Boys of Mexico. Georgina is the founder of the non-profit organisation Mexico Por Los Niños (Mexico of Children). With her organisation, Georgina built two schools in very poor areas of Oaxaca so that children have quality education. She set up the collection and sale of PET, helping to reduce environmental pollution and with the money obtained food for children. Georgina supports children and youth in detention and social reinsertion centers, by making yarn dolls that she sells, so that they can pay for their studies online. They also perform plays at schools as part of an anti-bullying programmeGeorgina has received various awards and obtained international prestige.