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Nominated By Red Mundial de Jóvenes Políticos & Global Network of Young Politicians

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Georgina is a very hardworking and simple girl. She has been working for ten consecutive years for the defence of children rights, helping them in different areas. At the age of 11, Georgina collected recyclable materials and sold them to buy food for children who were in need. She also helped raising and donating 15.000 toys to children. In 2017, her state was affected by an earthquake. Georgina requested support for donations. She managed to collect a trailer filled with 30 tons of food, which she personally distributed. She collected what was needed to open a cafeteria inside a school in the affected area. She was awarded the National Youth Prize, which is the highest recognition that her country grants to young people for work and contribution to society. She is now the International Director of Youth inside Red Mundial. She recently opened the network in Cameroon, where she intends to support a group of girls so they can continue studying through fundraising platforms. In her capacity she has led campaigns for: improvement of rural schools, against bullying (where she reached around 80.000 children), supporting young people from rehabilitation centers. Georgina directly reached 10.000 children through her conferences and indirectly 350.000. In the future, she wants to extend her campaigns worldwide and work for the United Nations