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Nominated By SFT

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Hadiqa is a confident and visionary feminist working against early and forced marriages in tribal regions of Pakistan. She is the founder of Girls United for Human Rights (GUHR). GUHR is a group of 15 girls that promotes gender equality and builds the capacity of girls to ensure equal opportunities for them. GUHR has several programmes: door-to-door engagement sessions, awareness sessions about legal rights, advocacy sessions. They engage local government to push for girl-friendly cities to protect marginalized girls. They developed a resource which teaches young girls about their rights, and a comic book based on real life challenges faced by a girl. These are distributed in schools. GUHR lobbied local government in the ‘Safe City for Girls’ campaign which led to installation of several streetlights and paving of new streets for safe movement. Through GUHR, Hadiqa has saved 6 girls from child marriage and 2 girls from SWARA (a custom in which girls are given in marriage to resolve feuds) with the help of police, provided legal assistance to 4 girls victims of rape, referred 25 girls for legal assistance to different service providers and enrolled 150 girls in schools and protected girls survivors of violence. It was her advocacy that led to the passing of the child marriage restraint bill of Pakistan. Due to Hadiqa’s efforts parliamentarians passed the child marriage restrain bills. As a recipient of several awards she wants to continue working for girl safety and other rights.