Picture – Heather Paulino Torres


Nominated by Fists of Hope

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Heather is motivated to fulfill the rights of the child because they are violated in her community, and because of greatest happiness comes from the benefit obtained by third parties. She is an activist for change and carries out different solidarity activities for the good of her community. One of the initiatives is called QORY QOQAU. It aims to reduce anemia in Juninenses children and reduce the number of vulnerable people with type 2 diabetes, through the development of healthy cookies that were distributed free of charge. So far, the QORY QOQAU project has had an impact on more than 50 families in the Peasant community of Sicaya, amounting to approximately more than 400 beneficial people, especially elderly people with type 2 diabetes and children with anemia. Another important project on which Heather has participated is Fists of Hope. It aims to eradicate rape towards women, through female empowerment, through ICTs from early stages such as childhood. So far, the actions carried out cover approximately 30% of the female population of the peasant community of Sicaya, with the short-term objective of involving more women, girls and adolescents. In addition, she has participated and successfully completed many programs and courses. In the future, Heather is ready to continue fighting for a world in which the rights of all are ispected. One of her great dreams is to continue structuring an NGO to support more young leaders in the world.