Nominated by Carrefour pour la Justice, le Développement et les droits humans (CJDH) 

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Héritier is an orphan – he lost both of his parents when he was barely thirteen years old. He witnessed the guerilla attack in his town that took away their lives. However, he didn’t give up. He established his own candy shop and paid for his education with the money he made from it. Héritier joined the Children’s Parliament, which aimed to protect, defend and promote children’s rights. He helped other children who were just like him and encouraged them to go to school, because education should be a priority. Through his actions, several children returned to their villages and resumed their studies, as they realized it was their right to do so. Héritier doesn’t want other children to go through what he experienced and he wants all children to enjoy their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Currently, Héritier is studying social humanities and wants to pursue a career in law, so that he can defend the rights of children.