Picture – Himakshi Shastri


Nominated by Dr. Bharat Butaney 

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Himakshi learned that many children are left disadvantaged globally, making her determined to find solutions to these prevalent issues. Her passion acting as her fuel, Himakshi was able to start several initiatives. In 2018, she set up an email and an Instagram page, using both platforms to encourage children across the world to donate their hair to cancer patients. Since then, she has collected over 2,500 hair donations from across the world, to make as many wigs as possible. During Covid-19 Himakshi also set up her initiative, CoviDONATE, during the pandemic –CoviDONATE is an initiative that brought 19 individuals from all around the world to donate their hair for cancer patients across 19 days. She organised an online fundraiser on Yallagive to help young cancer patients and their families with the expensive costs of treatment. She was raised over 20,000dhs. Himakshi expanded her cause to assist the environment. She thus became an Environmental Journalist, writing environmental tips in the magazine Young Times, Khaleej Times, which has an average of 15 million readers each month. She collaborated with ‘Simply Bottles’, creating a competition to encourage children to collect plastic bottles for recycling.  In 2019 Himakshi published her Children’s book, Prized Words, her book encourages the youth to use their manners – it was launched at the Emirates Literature Festival, which has more than 100,000 attendees each year.