Himangi picture


Nominated By Nature Bodies

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Himangi is a 13-year old activist who found that poor sanitary conditions are affecting the health of girls. To solve the problems related to menstruation and avoid the absence of her friends from school due to poor health, she created a sanitary napkin of natural basis using fenugreek and basil seeds (non-holy). After this, she started training girls and females on her new solution. Until now she trained 1728 women including girls from school and females from community. Now they are all using these napkins, their health conditions are better, and her friends are now regular to school. Due to Himangi’s actions, girls can now be healthy by benefiting from her solution. In the future, the main plan of Himangi is to make the world a better place to live with her small actions.