I CAN South Sudan

Nominated by I CAN South Sudan

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Since 2013, over 2 million people have left South Sudan to escape fierce fighting (UNHCR) and a great number flee to Uganda. Amongst these refugees are over 10,500 children, many being unaccompanied minors. I CAN South Sudan is a refugee led community organization created in October 2017 to engage these children in social and musical activities to help them heal from trauma and express their desire for peace in South Sudan. These children come from different warring tribes of South Sudan and they sing together about peace, unity, love, coexistence, forgiveness and reconciliation in their first music album named“Save me”. Their music, which plays on various radio stations in South Sudan, has a wide impact. They have begun a peace building project in warring refugee communities in Bidibidi. They plant seeds of passion fruits (labelled as seeds of love and peace) and distribute them from house to house, accompanied by a message of peace. They have also become members of Children’s Music Networks USA (www.childrensmusic.org) and have signed an agreement for their music to be published and promoted on their website.