Picture – Iris Alexandra Vavilov


Nominated by Heroiu Rares Justinian 

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Iris believes in a future world where all the children have access to free, quality education, designed for their own individual needs. In that vein, she shared her experience and passion for astronomy to teach children from about 20 schools in her city. Also, for two editions, she also mentored children at Code Kids Fest, where she interacted with around 120 children. She also is an activist for the environment. For instance, Iris held multiple speeches in her city about climate change and the importance of individual action and doubled down on her commitment to environmental issues by organizing several events that managed to clean Tulcea. Moreover, for the past three years she, along with her robotics team, has been organizing a charitable bottle-cap collection campaign. She negotiated with multiple recycling companies with the help of “Delta Dunarii”. In total, 200.000 caps were raised, amounting to 5000 dollars. With that money, an electric wheelchair was bought (1000dollars) and the rest of the money was donated for the treatment of a 3-year-old that suffered from cancer. She survived and continues to be treated for other affections (tuberculosis and meningitis). Plus, individually, she donated 200 copies of her book “Piatrade Zahar” to children from disadvantaged environments, donated her own money to several foster houses which inspired others to do the same and started an event where the board of her robotics team decided to buy gifts for the children from a foster house, the gifts that they asked for in their letters for Santa Claus. In the future, she plans to launch the UNI_verse platform with the Alacritty team. This innovation aims to bring academic resources to Romanian high school students: from university opportunities to volunteering and news about education, all brought together.