Nominated by Bye Bye Plastic Bags

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Isabel was inspired to combat plastic waste as she lived on the beach and saw the littering in her environment. She decided she would no longer use single-use plastics and inspired her peers to do the same. Alongside her sister, Isabel founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags six years ago. It started as a children’s movement and has grown into a global NGO with 35 local teams in 29 countries  They have been able to get an official ban on plastic bags in all of Bali as of June 23rd, 2019. She and her sister have spoken at the United Nations TEDtalk, the EU Parliament and the Our Oceans Conference. She also funded OIOV, an umbrella organization for like-minded businesses that say no to single-use plastic. Moreover, BBPB organises the largest annual plastic cleanup in Bali; in 3 days 40,000 people were mobilized and cleaned up more than 65 tons of plastic on the island. They also set up Mountain Mamas in 2018, a social enterprise empowering women in the mountains of Bali.