Picture – Ishaan Chamoli


Nominated by The Himalayan International School, Mussoorie

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Ishaan has been leading a non-profit Initiative for the past 2 years to support vulnerable groups during the pandemic. For example, during the second wave, he raised funds for Covid-19 relief, which had directly impact over more than 500 underprivileged lives. Because of the money he raised, 350 PPE Kits, 25 Oxygen Cylinders, and 200 KG of food were distributed. He also established the microphone system to reduce any contact at the hospital (which welcomes over 700 resident doctors and 5000+ employees). On another vein, Ishaan established the “DIY Model United Nations”. He brought together a team of 30+ members to create a network of MUN’s, Debates, and Awareness Events for Charity. This initiative of his reached out to over 1500 children across the world.  Moreover, he assisted with the funding for education of students at our rural school during the pandemic. As a result, he raised over 1.2 lakhs, which made education free possible for the 80+ underprivileged students of The Himalayan International School for an entire year. Lastly, he is developing an Artificial Intelligence Model to analyze safer routes for Refugee Relocation, for which he has independently approached and received guidance from mentors across top universities, for which he has also received recognition from the Intel Corporation (raised 1500 USD Intel-backed Grant Funding).