Picture – Islam Prottush


Nominated by G.K Pilot High school, sherpur

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Islam strongly advocates for the idea that every child has an equal right to live independently. As he was raised in a community where many of his friends were victims of child labour and child marriage, Islam formed an organisation to prevent this. With 7 friends, he created the Symbol of Youth Foundation with the aim to realise street children’s rights and stop both child labour and child marriage. Together, they have raised awareness of these issues amongst around 2.000 students. Islam has taken his work to national level, where he debates about child labour and child marriage. Islam has also urged his government to ensure good education for all children below the age of 15. Islam has also started his own online school (Amar Online School). Here, he arranges classes for young children, as well as inspirational videos. Islam also organises competitions in which more than 1.000 students participate. In the future, he hopes to take his organisation to the international level.