Picture 2- Izabayo Lucie


Nominated by Jordan Foundation

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Izaboyo was born blind. Because of the visual disabilities, she has been totally isolated and marginalized for about 9 years. With the help of local authorities, she was finally taken to a center. In 2020, she launched an initiative called ‘Disability is not an inability’ which aims to advocate for vulnerable children. So far, Izaboyo and her team have visited families in 23 different districts. Because of this, many families now understand that children with disabilities also have rights. In addition, since 2020, about 47 blind children who were marginalized joined different disability centers where they now have access to health, special education and good nutrition. She wished her initiative to be expanded to the international level, so that all vulnerable children are cared for. She wants all children to get equal access to health, education and nutrition.