Picture – Jamil Korim


Nominated by United Students Organization of Social-services

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

From a very young age, Jamil was worried about the various misfortunes of society. There was a slight inclination towards his literary work. One day, he dared to start writing a novel. A brave young man, fighting for social change, working hard – this was the image of his novel. He suddenly stopped, realizing he could play the role of that young man in his novel in real life. After conducting a survey within his classmates, he realised that economic problems are recurrent. He then formed a fund called “Amar Bank” from which children can borrow money. With that project, 36 children became self-reliant. Besides, he also has built two schools for children, which now welcome 75 students. In addition, he has set up three libraries to awaken the human values of the people, and thousands of people are learning from his established library. He himself regularly publishes a magazine with members of his organization USOS. He has published many local media features for his work at different times. He has also given interviews in some local media. Jamil dreams that all children over the world could become self-reliant through his bank. He wants all children to be able to satisfy their hungry and be able to receive education.