Picture – Jato Kfukfu


Nominated by Che Emmanuel Banyong

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Jato, who is popularly known as Jato Sonita or the Forest Girl, decided to make use of her talent/voice in music to pass useful information to educate and heel the world. Since a socio-political conflict that erupted in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, she has done renditions of informative songs like ‘Elimba Dikalo’, ‘Cousin Militaire’ that addresses the press and the military. Otherwise, she advocates for the protection of nature and fights against climate change. She led her “Forest Children Band” in a great clean up (plastics and dirt) and tree planting campaign around their community water tank where close to 1500 plastic bottles were picked up and several eco-friendly and fruit trees planted. Her clean up and tree planning campaign directly impacted over 250,000 people who drink clean water from the water catchment. Besides, she is using her social media platform (> 107,000 followers on Facebook and almost 10 000k on Instagram) for the cause. Recently, she went on FB to call on stakeholders of communities around the world to say NO TO BUSHFIRES (#StopBushFires). In the future, she intends to lead a movement to sensitize young people about tree planting and the proper disposal of plastics. She wants to start this campaign in major cities in Cameroon, and then in the world.