Picture_Jay Kakar


Nominated by Arpana Trust Basti Vikas Kendra (BVK) 

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Jay is a committed member of the community and is constantly working as a problem solver and works towards improvement of his community, which reflects in all his projects, and work he has done over these years. The environment around him motivated Jay. His school and home were the two great motivational stimuli, which encouraged him and shaped his thoughts about being active in the field. After being bullied at school, he came out with his own Anti Bullying Prototype, which is an example of his positive attitude. This imitative also helped victims of bullying and racism. Besides, Jay was very active during the pandemic. For instance, facing a shortage of disinfectants, he helped and educated people to make their own disinfectant at home. He had over 8000 views on a video to describe making disinfectant at home. When there was a shortage of masks, he made 3-D printed reusable masks. Recently, Jay has recently made an app called ‘Suraksha’ which is available on Google play store. App ‘Suraksha’ is on Google play store. It is for mobile users where one can get help at the tip of one’s finger. This app gives the current location of the nearest aid and ambulance of a person in a cardiac emergency at a public place. Jay wants Suraksha to be a default app on a person’s phone so that help is available at the tip of the finger. He would also like to take the initiative of getting more AED’s (Automated External Defibrillator) installed in public places. He also wants to generate more cardiovascular and stroke health awareness.