Picture – Jorge Martinez-Gracida


Nominated By: World Network of Young Politicians

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Jorge has always had a strong desire to support those who have less than him. He works to encourage children to become agents of change. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Jorge used his technological knowledge to design a face shield using a 3D printer. He managed to donate 2.800 face shields to more than 14 hospitals. Naming his project “Mascaretas”, Jorge helped doctors throughout the pandemic and was recognised internationally for doing so. Jorge gave lectures during the pandemic to educate young people on the importance of taking care of themselves. His work was recognised by Canadian author, Erin Silver, and he was included in the book “What Kids Did”; stories of hope from children in the time of the pandemic. Jorge speaks regularly at international conferences to motivate the participation of children in actions relating to the Sustainable Development Goals. He is also the founder of “Mexico for Children”, an organisation which supports children to do more social work. His NGO is positioned in 17 States of Mexico. Aside from his work during the pandemic, Jorge has supported many children with funds for life-saving treatments. He also supports indigenous communities by improving their access to education.