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Nominated By Red Mundial de Jóvenes Políticos & Global Network of Young Politicians

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Jorge is a very sensitive child who always worries about others. He had visual problems since he was a baby and had to take 7 years of visual therapy to not lose his eye. In 2019 he became a national bowling champion. He designed a universal protective mask for doctors, which is based on a headband with two rivets which he prints in 3D, then with his own hands perfects the piece to later add the mica glass, sponge and spring, in the context of COVID 19. The impact of his work was so great that a girl from India contacted him through his sister’s social networks to ask him for permission to use his design in her country to do the same. In addition, many people are supporting the child with donations to keep making the masks and continue donating them. In the future, he wants to become an engineer and be able to bring out projects and inventions that can help people with disabilities.