Picture – Jose Adolfo Quisocala Condori

Jose Adolfo

Nominated by Doorganic Perú

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Jose Adolfo has created an Eco Bank for children named ‘Eco Banco del Estudiante’, where he teaches children to achieve their dreams through “saving”. He turns solid waste into Eco Currency, which avoids environmental pollution by solid waste. The project is running in 12 Peruvian cities, and more than 6,000 children saved their waste for his project. Also, 320 children received Eco Credits for school supplies and computer equipment. Children will paid back throughout the school year with solid waste. In addition, every Saturday of the year, Jose Adolfo trains an average of 30 children virtually in Financial Education, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. Jose Adolfo also enables low-income seniors to see better, with the “Eye on the Planet” vision campaign, which consisted of measuring their eyesight and giving them the glasses they need, for only 15 plastic bottles of water, soda or soft drinks in disuse (possible with the collaboration of Dot Glasses from the Czech Republic). As a result, 42 people over 60 years of age received glasses for distance vision and near reading. Children also received eye medicine and glasses with the Back to School campaign of Jose Adolfo. The latter also seeks to provide children and adolescents with emotional health care in partnership with the PsicoUne clinic. A total of 83 schoolchildren received psychological care because of this project. In a nutshell, Jose Adolfo is the first promoter for children to have the best opportunities, to be heard and to be supported. He is currently advocating in Peru, in front of municipalities, that children and adolescents are “Agents of Change”. Jose Adolfo will continue to fight for the rights of children, the environment and those who need it most and to achieve this he will work to consolidate the Bartselana Foundation, which is the first foundation in Peru.