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Jose Adolfo 

Nominated By Institución Educativa Secundaria San Martin de Socabaya

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Jose Adolfo is a leader and a social entrepreneur in Peru. He fights for parents, teachers and authorities to listen to children, support children’s initiatives and, above all, believe that children are also agents of change. He started the Eco Banco del Student (Eco Bank) to find a solution to the social, economic and environmental problems of children in Peru. It seeks to prevent child hunger, reduce school dropouts and eradicate child labour. He provides micro-credits in food and useful school supplies, so that children do not suffer from hunger, nor do they leave school because they do not have money. He has created a solidarity ecological ‘bodeguita’, so that people who do not have money can buy with solid waste (Eco Moneda). He teaches financial education, entrepreneurship and environmental management to children, youth and adults. To date, Jose has reached 4230 children and 580 youth directly and has indirectly influenced millions of children and youth worldwide. The story of Jose Adolfo has been broadcasted by the world’s main social media such as Univisión or CNN, culminating in the movie ‘The Future is Ours’, where he presents his story and the story of other children who have been changing the world. UNICEF and UNESCO have promoted throughout France his film. In the future, Jose seeks to involve more young students and professionals in his volunteer program. Together with the Peruvian Franchise Society of Peru, he has been developing the ‘social franchise’ to internationalize the Eco Banco del Student.